Borovets Gears Up for Winter Season with Artificial Snow Preparation


As the winter chill settles in, Bulgarian mountain resorts are eagerly preparing for the upcoming ski season. Anticipation mounts as all ski areas aim to open around mid-month, hinging largely on temperature and snow availability, crucial for artificial snow production and track maintenance, as highlighted by specialized website

Recent weeks have seen a substantial snowfall in Borovets, prompting proactive measures to create additional artificial snow whenever suitable sub-zero temperatures permit. Blagovesta Tomova, President of the Union of Hoteliers in the resort, confirmed this strategy to TravelNews.

Marking an enticing start to the season, Borovets plans reduced cable car prices on December 9 and 10, offering discounted rates of BGN 30 for adults and BGN 15 for children and pensioners.

Tomova expressed confidence and optimism for the forthcoming season, buoyed by the early snowfall, indicating a promising start. She anticipates an influx of tourists from key markets like Great Britain, the Balkan countries, and within Bulgaria itself.

Highlighting the readiness of hotels, some have already begun hosting tourists and groups, catering to corporate gatherings and festive Christmas events.

\"We are full of optimism for this season. The early snow also gives us a reason for this,\" emphasized Tomova, reflecting the positive sentiments resonating throughout Borovets.

With preparations in full swing and an optimistic outlook, Borovets gears up to welcome winter sports enthusiasts and holidaymakers from diverse markets, setting the stage for an exciting and eventful ski season.

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