Our hybrid model in real estate

In recent years, the development of on-line technologies has led to a completely new and innovative relationship between clients and suppliers in almost every consumer sector. In search of the best price and quality, todays buyers are wiser and better informed than they have ever been. In the last 10 years there has been a revolution in the ways that consumers search for and choose products and services. Suppliers advertise and sell their products and services in a completely different way too. The property industry is no exception to this global trend. Property agents and providers of property-related services are adapting their approach to customer service and marketing in order to keep up. The traditional model of a real estate agency has become less effective and these days clients require quality at a fair price.

The researches have shown that nowadays 90% of the buyers and tenants in the modern countries rely exactly on the Internet as a main tool of finding property listings, consultants and services, as well as making an informative choice. Bulgaria is not an exception to this global trend every customer in our country use Internet in searching for properties, and even the customers use their smartphones for that purpose, read reviews and testimonials, they are interested in the legal framework of real estate transactions, taxing, looking for after-sales services, communicating with their online consultants, and the process of buying, selling or renting a property goes completely into the field of the global network.

Research today has shown that 90% of buyers and tenants in developed countries rely on the Internet as their main tool when looking for property listings, consultants and services, and making an informed choice. Bulgaria is no exception to this global trend every client in our country uses the Internet to search for properties. Some even use their smartphones to read reviews and testimonials. They are interested in the legal framework of real estate transactions, taxation, after-sales services, communicating with their online consultants. The process of buying, selling or renting a property has completely been subsumed into the global network. In search of the best price and quality, todays buyer is wiser and more informed than ever. Traditional models in the real estate market are less effective and clients nowadays require quality at a fair price. The role of the real estate agent in this process is still important and decisive for the success of the deal, but today the broker is increasingly involved in the process as a key expert, consultant and advisor. They are much more than the traditional model of insurmountable intermediary who does no more than demand a commission from the parties just to connect them. Thus, the "hybrid" model of the real estate agencies which has been successfully established in a number of countries around the world over the past 5 years, now exists in Bulgaria. In general terms, this innovative approach to real estate services is a combination of a powerful marketing-optimized and web-based portal for real estate which also provides a number of automated services to its clients. At the same time, clients have access to a professional advisor to provide them with constant assistance, guiding them throughout the process of searching, viewing, negotiating and completing a transaction to sell or rent a property. Hybrid agencies are based online where they perform most of their services. They rely on the most advanced digital marketing techniques and use a range of electronic tools to serve their clients. This enables them to offer alternative and significantly better prices for their services than in comparison with traditional real estate agencies. In 2017 several leading property experts in Bulgaria with vast experience in the local market created SUPRIMMO, the first hybrid real estate agency in our country. The main features in the way SUPRIMMO works compared to traditional real estate agencies are: NO COMMISSION from buyers and tenants; NO COMMISSION from buyers for new-build properties; PREFERENTIAL CONDITIONS for buyers using our Personal Advisor service; FIXED ONE TIME SERVICE FEE of only 256 EUR for the buyer and 154 EUR for the tenant a symbolic amount compared to the commissions charged by mass agencies on the market; FREE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES for buyers and tenants a full legal service, photo and video shoots, professional valuation of the property, comprehensive marketing in Bulgaria and abroad; BONUSES AND GIFTS for buyers of new properties - free property insurance, free assistance for mortgage loan and the most advantageous financing service by leading banks, free resale and rental, discounts up to 20% for renovation and furnishing of the property, professional property management and management services provided by our specialized subsidiaries and affiliates of our corporate group; HUGE PORTFOLIO of exclusive properties, accessible only to SUPRIMMO clients; TEAM OF SUPER-ADVISORS who are specially selected and professionally trained. They all have undergone serious customer service training in the field of real estate, based on the highest global standards and practices in this field. This policy is unique in Bulgaria, imposing rigorous requirements on the agency's consultants to maintain impeccable etiquette and customer care. SUPRIMMO real estate agency declares its willingness to work in the interest of all of its clients throughout the entire process of buying, selling or renting a property!

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