Its our pleasure to invite real estate agents with experience on the market in Sofia to join our new experts team we created at our headquarters, Yakubitza 19 str., district Lozenets. The job position is targeted only at property specialists with experience.

We offer a full-time employment contract, a fixed net monthly salary of 1000-2000 BGN, depending on the candidate's qualifications, experience and skills, and a high commission of each successfully completed deal.

Please read below for all the details! Good luck!

In connection with the dynamic growth of our business and the creation of a new team at our main office in Sofia, SUPRIMMO offers fixed-term employment contracts with a fixed salary and a commission from the deals of ambitious real estate consultants who have previous experience as real estate agents from other agencies or the sales department of construction companies:

Nature of work on the announced position

  • Consulting clients by phone and other electronic channels of communication, as well as personal meetings at the company's office;
  • Working with property sellers, landlords, buyers, tenants and building contractors;
  • Maintaining regular communication and "folow-api" with clients by phone, e-mail and personal meetings;
  • Communication and coordination with lawyers, notaries, government institutions, related to the servicing of customer transactions;
  • Carrying out surveys of properties with clients throughout the capital;
  • Selection of offers for sale and rent in Sofia with all additional actions - taking pictures of the property, measuring squares, gathering of information and documentation for the property;
  • Preparing the property for sale or rent, resulting in filling out information forms and submitting them to our Marketing Department, which deals with the preparation of presentations of the properties and their placement in all used advertising channels;
  • The place of business is our headquarters in Sofia, district Lozenetz, Yakubitsa 19 street;
  • The dress code is obligatory in sporty-elegant or optionally official.

Mandatory requirements for candidates

  • Experience on the real estate’s market in Sofia;
  • Availability of own customer base and offers, wide sphere of influence;
  • Commercial qualities and skills in sales and working with people;
  • Strong personal qualities, hard work, self-esteem, confidence in their own abilities;
  • Good language skills, high written literacy in Bulgarian;
  • Ambition to achieve significant personal professional and financial success;
  • Appropriate education and high culture;
  • Good appearance, manners and education;
  • Loyalty and commitment to the employer's business; ;
  • Digital knowledge - Windows/Mac OS, MS Office (Word и Excel).

Optional skills giving advantages to the candidate

  • Language knowledge (especially in English);
  • Good knowledge of economics, law and tax legislation in Bulgaria;
  • Driving license cat. "B";
  • Photography and video skills;
  • Ability for overtime work and during holidays.

We offer attractive conditions and different social benefits

  • Fixed monthly salary of 1,000 to 2,000 leva, not related to deals. The amount of fixed remuneration depends on the applicant's skills, qualifications and experience;
  • We pay an additional commission with attractive high percentage of the deals made with the help of the agent;
  • We provide you: new car and free fuel for property viewings, new laptop, new smartphone, monthly card for public transport;
  • Lack of any restrictions on making money, according to the achieved results;
  • Lack of any restrictions on professional development and even opportunity after 3 years of successful career with us to lead your own team of consultants and SUPRIMMO office;
  • Full-time employment and full-time insurance;
  • Inspiring working environment in a modern office in a prestigious location of the capital;
  • Work among successful professionals and a proven management team with over 15 years’ experience in the industry;
  • Responsible social policy of the company to employees - permanent business training, team-building, company events, customer events and many others;
  • Our agency develops an innovative marketing approach to real estate business and applies sales innovations to make the most of your successful deals;
  • We have a professional photographer, video operator, video editor, and all the latest generation professional equipment for property shooting, including a drone - all available to our consultants!
  • Unlike many other agencies, our agents do not deal with editing on our websites and portals - each of them uses the services of professional copywriters and editors who prepare their offers in 3 languages and place them on all our sites, portals and advertising channels!
  • All of our consultants benefit from the entire company resource that has accumulated over 15 years of successful work - databases with sellers and landlords, buyers and tenants, contacts and partnerships with dozens of successful construction contractors in Bulgaria and abroad, innovative CMS sales management system, high-tech marketing and advertising platform providing maximum coverage of all popular channels for attracting clients and realization of the properties in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • Our trading platform (real and virtual) works for our sales consultants, fulfilling all marketing tasks for them so that they can only emphasize on the personal service of their clients and properties!
  • Opportunity for professional performance in a modern innovative company with huge potential for development, which is part of a large corporative group with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry;
  • Opportunity to run your own office and team after 3 years, operating under the SUPRIMMO brand. The only agency in Bulgaria that offers real opportunities to its collaborators to grow steadily and without any limitations, both financially and professionally.

If you would like to become part of our team, please, send us an email to: with all needed documents uploaded:

  1. Detailed Curriculum vitae (CV). Describe your education and qualifications, as well as previous positions;
  2. Cover letter with your professional success so far, your aspirations and ambitions at your career, as well as your willingness to work with SUPRIMMO. You can write us your hobbies, what do you like to do at your spare time, what do you like. Please send us your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) :)
  3. Current picture of your choice in any format and environment.

IMPORTANT! We will only look at applications, accompanied by the three required papers - curriculum vitae, cover letter and current photo! In case of missing documents, the application will not be considered! Approved candidates will be invited to an interview at the headquarters of the company. We guarantee full confidentiality of all applications.

If you are coming from other agency and would like to meet top manager of SUPRIMMO, please contact Nevena Stoyanova, Mobile: +359 885 919 001 and you can talk about all details on your application with one of our managing directors.

More information about us:

SUPRIMMO is the first “hybrid” real estate agency in Bulgaria. Our brand is created and managed by a team of proven experts with more than 15 years’ experience in the real estate market in Bulgaria.
SUPRIMMO started officially in 2017 and is another successful project of the same team that has already created and imposed on the market some of the leading traditional real estate agencies and construction companies in Bulgaria.
SUPRIMMO works on a hybrid principle which means that we rely on all advantages and opportunities of the modern digital marketing and combine it with the the invaluable assistance provided by our experienced consultants, who have a vast experience in the local property market.
Our innovative property sales and rentals system is a ‘hybrid’ work platform that combines the advantages of the most advanced electronic marketing and sales technologies with the invaluable live contact and service provided by professionally trained consultants who have a vast experience on the local market. By multiplying the effect of the platform among more and more customers and more and more deals, SUPRIMMO significantly reduce the standard costs of customer service in the sector and enable them to benefit from high-quality property sales and rentals, at several times lower cost service compared to the traditional real estate agencies.
SUPRIMMO is part of big corporative group which includes many successful companies in the real estate market, property management, property development, property insurance, credit counseling, furnishings and interiors, tourism.

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