About SUPRIMMO. Who are we?

The team of SUPRIMMO in Sofia (April, 2018)

SUPRIMMO is created and developed by a team of proven specialists with more than 15 years of experience in real estate in Bulgaria. Through their long professional career, they create one of the leading real estate agencies in Bulgaria, which although working on traditional methods, offer their clients the highest international standards with the most modern methods of marketing and advertising. Our innovative property sales and rentals system is a hybrid work platform that combines the advantages of the most advanced electronic marketing and sales technologies with the invaluable live contact and service provided by professionally trained consultants who have a vast experience on the local market. By multiplying the effect of the platform among more and more customers and more and more deals, SUPRIMMO significantly reduce the standard costs of customer service in the sector and enable them to benefit from high-quality property sales and rentals, at several times lower cost service compared to the traditional real estate agencies.

SUPRIMMO was created and developed by a team of experts with more than 15 years' experience in the real estate field in Bulgaria. Over many years of professional involvement in the real estate industry in Bulgaria, they have created one of the leading real estate agencies in the country. While functioning in a traditional manner, SUPRIMMO can offer their clients a level of service equivalent to the highest international standards using the most modern marketing and advertising methods globally available. SUPRIMMO’S creators have achieved great success in developing their brands in Bulgaria where the real estate industry has not developed greatly in recent years and relies on old-fashioned models from the early 1990s. The traditional system is frequently unethical and even sometimes aggressive towards its clients. Inevitably this leads to a sense of dissatisfaction with the end-user. The result of this negativity and the lack of serious regulation is that the real estate agent in Bulgaria is perceived as "greedy and dishonest” pressuring clients for personal gain in the form of large undeserved commissions. This has led to the unfortunate situation where all professionals find themselves under a common denominator. The truth is that the work of a professional estate agent is extremely demanding, stressful and responsible. There are indeed a huge number of unethical real estate agents on the market, but also a huge number of irreproachable professionals working tirelessly in the interests of their clients. We believe the time is ripe for a radical change. A key factor is the cleaning of our industry's image. This is precisely SUPRIMMO’s overriding mission.

Our "hybrid" sales platform combines the power of digital marketing with the professional qualities and skills of our highly-qualified consultants. In this way we can achieve the shortest possible turnover time when marketing sale and rental properties. At SUPRIMMO we rely on the latest innovations in digital technologies which provide us with highly targeted marketing tools. They underpin our goal in achieving mass market penetration and deliver information and offers to the maximum number of potential clients. We combine these tools with a powerful online sales management system and automatic communication with clients and property owners. Our goal is to achieve reliable communication between property owners and their potential clients. This communication process is managed via our platform and our live advisors. Process management is fully entrusted to a system of artificial intelligence that we and our specialists have been developing over the past 10 years. The platform works in the clients’ interest to save time, money and stress. The system also provides welcome assistance to our professional consultants, carrying out much of the routine and tedious jobs which every real estate employee has to do. It gives our consultants more time to focus on the most important aspect of their work - dealing with the client in a friendly way and safeguarding his or her interest. The end result is a highly efficient, well organized workflow that leaves all participants satisfied and ensures that sales and rentals are achieved within the shortest possible times and at less cost. By multiplying the effect of the platform among an increasing number of clients and transactions, SUPRIMMO can significantly reduce the standard costs of customer service. This enables clients to benefit from high-quality real estate sales and rental at a greatly reduced cost, sometimes many times lower than compared to traditional real estate agencies.

Does it sound overly complicated? Here are some simple facts about SUPRIMMO’s platform that will help you to understand our concept and decide whether you would like to work with us in your next property transaction:

Our benefits compared to traditional real estate agencies


  • NO COMMISSION from buyers for the new build properties;
  • Our clients receive FREE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES for sales and rental - full legal service, photo and video shoots, professional property valuation, as well as comprehensive marketing in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • FREE PROPERTY INSURANCE for the purchase of a new building from "Allianz-Bulgaria" IC for all our buyers;
  • DISCOUNT of up to 20% for furnishing from Furnish.BG
  • DISCOUNT of up to 20% for refurbishing
  • PROFESSIONAL management of the property by PropertyManagement.BG
  • NO COMMISSION from buyers of new build properties;
  • Our clients receive FREE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES for buyers and tenants - full legal service, photo and video shoots;


We invest considerable effort and resources in recruiting and training top-notch professionals in the real estate sector with local experience in the sales-rental field. All our employees undergo a period of thorough and intensive training designed to meet the highest world standards. Our clients have a personal consultant who will provide: :

  • A friendly attitude;
  • Reliable communication;
  • Safe-guarding of clients’interests;
  • Honesty, sincerity and understanding of their needs.


Our clients are in safe hands with us! Property buyers and tenants will enjoy a rich property base available exclusively and only to us. Much of our efforts are directed to delivering unique offers available only to our cllients. Take advantage of hundreds of offers personally checked and selected by our SUPER CONSULTANTS.


Our "hybrid" sales platform combines the power of digital marketing with the professional qualities and skills of our highly-qualified consultants. This is how we achieve a rapid turnaround when marketing sale and rental properties.

  • Our system guarantees a maximum sale turnaround period of between 3 and 6 months, depending on the price, property features and location;
  • Maximum rental turnaround period is 20 to 30 days, depending on the rental price, benefits and location.


Our main benefit is the huge scale of our sale and rental property marketing. Here are just a few facts:

  • Our in-house marketing and advertising system profiles hundreds of thousands of potential customers and sends them details of your property;
  • Our system has access to more than 25 online advertising channels, including professional property portals, affiliate networks, social networks, digital ad networks, direct marketing systems;
  • Exposure of your properties in advertising channels not only in Bulgaria but also globally;
  • Advertising channels and offline advertising space - billboards, publications, professional events and many others.

What is different about us?

We provide a professional market valuation of your property. Free of charge.
Transparent conditions and official intermediary agreement clearly setting out our obligations
Professional photo and video presentation of your property. Free of charge.
Our in-house legal advisors will take care of all documentation. Free of charge.
We maintain CLOSE CONTACT with you throughout the entire process
We won't push you! We advise you, but leave all the decisions to you!
We will advise you as friends, to achieve THE BEST deal for you.
After your first deal with us, you become a SPECIAL CLIENT and we will offer you even greater discounts.

Achieve the most from your property deal! Use the benefits of SUPRIMMO's platform.

Achieve the most from your property deal! Save your money and time! Take advantage of the sales and rentals platform developed for you by our experienced consultants.

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