In September, the Growth of Foreign Tourists in Bulgaria was Nearly 40% for the Year


Although the next wave of the pandemic was gaining momentum in September, the trips of Bulgarians abroad were 579.2 thousand, or 4.2% more than those registered in September 2020, according to NSI data.

There was a higher growth among foreigners who chose Bulgaria for their vacation during the month - by 37.1% more compared to a year earlier to a total of 772.6 thousand and transit passes were 45.5% (351.6 thousand) of all visits of foreigners in the country.

The share of citizens of the European Union is 50.8%, or 392.5 thousand, with the largest number of visits of citizens from Romania - 30%, Germany - 24.3%, and Poland - 9.8%. In the spring, Bulgaria opened a tourist office in Warsaw.

The visits of citizens from other European countries are 315.8 thousand, or 40.9% of all visits in Bulgaria. The largest number of visits were registered from Turkey - 169.3 thousand, or 53.6% of the visits from this group.

In September 2021, the relative share of visits by purpose was: for other purposes - 53%, for leisure and recreation - 36.3%, and for business purposes - 10.7%.


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