The six most attractive places along Bulgaria\'s Black Sea coast


The popular British newspaper “daily Telegraph” in April of this year published a report of the study “Barometer of the cost of a vacation”, which is regularly held in anticipation of the summer holidays.

This year was selected 18 budget of the European destinations that were compared at a cost of nine relevant tourist position: a Cup of coffee, bottle of local beer, a bottle of Coca-Cola, glass of wine in a cafe, a 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water in the supermarket, sunscreen, insect repellant, a two-course lunch for two (excluding drinks) and a three-course dinner for two (with wine) at the restaurant.

The “daily Telegraph” notes that the resort of Sunny Beach is the winner of the British rankings for the fifth year. This is not surprising. Bulgaria is still the cheapest area of the European Union and as long as it is outside the Euro zone (the national currency of the country is the Bulgarian lion), the situation is unlikely to change.

We were asked to comment on the news of the Bulgarian real estate expert Angelica Telcove:

“Black sea coast of Bulgaria is still a tasty and affordable piece of Europe for those who are planning summer vacation on the sea, and for those who dream to have their summer “cottage”. But Sunny Beach is the most famous and popular resort.

Personally, I know a lot of people from different countries who visited here one day, continue from year to year to return, but as owners of their own apartments.

Sunny Beach is the resort capital in Bulgaria, which received international recognition and has taken a worthy place on the tourist map of modern Europe. So buying property here is a win-win solution. The demand for it grows, because it is not only an opportunity to save your money from inflation, but also to obtain the net guaranteed rental income of 5% per annum.”

Now about the resort geography. Administratively, the sunshine Coast is the coastal strip between the towns of Sveti Vlas to the North and Nessebar to the South. But the boundaries between them are so seamless that, under the Sunny Beach often understand the entire chain of resort places in the southern part of the coast. You can draw an analogy with the great tel Aviv, which brings together a number of neighboring cities into a single metropolis.

So, we will move along the coast from North to South. But before that very important point. I am constantly asked, if not hot in the summer in Bulgaria? In Bulgaria a more temperate climate. Yes, summer is hot, but not so in Israel. While on the coast the weather is more cool and comfortable than in the Central part of Bulgaria.

Elenite: healthy air and private atmosphere

Elenite holiday village, located in a picturesque Bay at the foot of Stara Planina mountain and surrounded by mountains coniferous forest. The place has a unique microclimate. Pure mountain-sea air contributes to the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.

Elenite resort built by Finnish architects in the 80-ies of the last century and until 1993 had the status of a private resort. Today this place is open to all, but kept private atmosphere and is oriented to lovers of quiet and comfortable stay.

Sveti Vlas Bulgarian Caesarea

Five kilometers to the South of Elenite is located in Saint Vlas – luxurious prestigious resort, which occupies a special place on the black sea coast of Bulgaria. There are luxury complexes, targeting the most demanding audience. Ideal for solid family entertainment and a great choice for those value comfort and quiet.

In Sveti Vlas has a lot of greenery and salubrious climate. Wide and clean strip of beach, fine sand, smooth descent into the water, comfortable beach equipment create excellent conditions for recreation. And its yacht port “Marina Dinevi” provides excellent opportunities for boating and is a favorite evening promenade for visitors and residents of the resort.

Sunny beach is a special energy and rest non-stop

Sunny beach is the heart of the resort of Bulgaria. Nature has created ideal conditions for recreation. A smooth strip of beach with clean fine sand and gentle slope into the water stretches for 8 kilometers. And thanks to the mild sea breeze in the summer, not sweltering heat.

Sunny beach is a special energy, the life here never stops for a minute.

The excellent infrastructure provides opportunities for recreation for every taste and at any time of the day. They say that the night lights on the Shore Shine brighter than anywhere on the coast.

Nessebar: ancient charm

South from Sunny beach to the South of Nessebar – one of the most ancient cities in Europe, with a history spanning over three thousand years. The city is divided into two parts. Old Nessebar stores historical monuments of several epochs and included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. New Nessebar is a modern and comfortable resort at few steps from city Museum and it’s worth it.

Ravda: sea and again sea

South of Nessebar runs a strip of one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Bulgaria, which leads us to a small resort village of Ravda. The resort is known as a favorite place to practice water sports. It is convenient to surfing, swimming and water skiing. Today Ravda is developing rapidly. Complexes that build, are very comfortable and convenience to stay.

Biala: an oasis of calm

A small resort town Byala is not included in the constellation of resorts of Sunny beach, because is located far to the North, but is worthy of mention because it is difficult to find a more perfect place to relax from the urban bustle. Byala attracts by nature. The coast is a rocky coast with small coves and amazingly clear water. From the mainland of Byala is surrounded by dense forests. There are no crowds of tourists, but there is a small port for yachts and small fishing boats. This place will be interesting for lovers of peace, Hiking, water sports, fishing and underwater hunting. And this region is known for its traditions of winemaking. The Ball produces exceptional taste wine Dimyat, which is produced in limited quantities.

Each of these resorts has its own style and character. What is very important, because really pleasing only those acquisitions that meet our taste and goals.

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