Ready for Takeoff: Burgas Airport's Summer Flight Schedule Unveiled


The concessionaire company Fraport Twin Star Airport Management announced that Burgas Airport will kick off the active flight season with its first flight since Bulgaria's entry into the Schengen area by air, scheduled for the end of March.

Beginning the summer flight schedule on March 31st, Burgas Airport welcomes its first flight from Poland, signaling the onset of a season filled with diverse travel opportunities. From Krakow to London Luton, the airport boasts a robust lineup of routes catering to travelers' preferences.

This year, travelers can look forward to enhanced connectivity with the introduction of flights from Vienna, Kaunas, Warsaw Modlin, Dublin, Budapest, Bratislava, Poznan, and Gdansk. Additionally, low-cost carriers such as Wizz Air will operate flights to nine destinations across five countries, further expanding the airport's reach.

Exciting developments continue with Discover Airlines launching regular flights from Frankfurt to Burgas on April 28th, offering passengers seamless connections to global destinations. Meanwhile, easyJet renews its summer flight schedule from Manchester and European capitals, providing travelers with convenient access to Burgas.

Bulgaria Air resumes regular flights from Sofia to Burgas earlier than in previous years, while Eurowings reintroduces flights from German cities and adds routes from Salzburg.

Charter flights are set to commence in May, with tourists from various European countries expected to arrive, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. New entrants to the charter market, Fly Lili and TUI add to the diversity of travel options available to passengers.

Burgas Airport's summer season brings forth a host of new markets and airlines, including direct flights from Madrid and Porto, as well as charter flights from Kosovo and Armenia. With double-digit growth in tourists from the UK anticipated, the airport witnesses increased capacity from British operators Jet2Holidays and

Air Baltic expands its routes from the Baltic region, offering flights from Riga and Tallinn to Burgas twice a week. Rounding out the summer season, Air Baltic's expansion into Burgas underscores the airport's growing appeal in the Baltic region, offering travelers from Riga and Tallinn seamless access to Bulgaria's captivating coastline. With flights operating twice a week, passengers can embark on unforgettable journeys from the heart of the Baltics to the shores of Burgas.

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