1.36 for a glass of wine: Europe's cheapest beach holidays revealed



Bulgarias Sunny Beach is the cheapest European beach destination for holidaymakers, a new report has found.

Prices at the Black Sea resort are a third lower than at its closest competitor, the UK's Post Office Travel Money said.

The cost of nine tourist staples comprising lunch and evening meals, drinks, suncream and insect repellent was analysed at 20 European beach destinations.

Sunny Beach was found to be number one for a bargain break due to prices such as 9.78 (£8.42) for a two-course lunch for two people, 1.36 (£1.17) for a glass of wine in a bar or cafe and 2.72 (£2.34) for a premium brand bottle of suncream.

Portugals Algarve was runner-up, followed by Marmaris in Turkey and the Spanish resorts of Torremolinos and Benidorm.

Holiday Costs Barometer 2019 (Nos. 1-10)

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Algarve, Portugal

Marmaris, Turkey

Torremolinos, Spain

Benidorm, Spain

Crete, Greece

Paphos, Cyprus

Sliema, Malta

Limassol, Cyprus

Alicante, Spain

Sorrento in Italy was the most expensive destination featured in the survey, with prices three times more expensive than in Sunny Beach.

The total basket of nine goods cost 166 (£142.94) there, versus 45.13 (£38.86) at the Black Sea resort, it found.

Nick Boden, head of Post Office Travel Money, said: There are significant variations between the prices we found in resorts this year so it will really pay dividends to do some holiday homework before booking to avoid busting the budget.

The extent to which prices have fallen gives us confidence that if they choose wisely, holidaymakers will still find great value and their holiday budget will go a long way in most resorts.

Prices have fallen at most of the resorts since last year, Boden said.

The price falls could be an indication that tourist businesses in European resorts are keen to attract UK visitors and will keep costs low to do so.

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