Minister of Tourism: No Water Pollution is expected along Bulgarias Black Sea Coast


Preliminary forecasts show that water pollution is not expected on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the next 10 days. This is what the Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova said on the National Television. The monitoring continues.

The Ministry of Tourism receives 10-day forecasts that reflect the currents in the Black Sea. According to her, with each passing day, the forecast becomes more favorable for the water in the Bulgarian sea area.

"At the moment, it is checked once a week. The colleagues have judged it is safe, given the fact that there is no such dangerous current - the Danube serves as a natural filter, which even in the event of an ingress, which is not foreseen, could push out the pollution. I suppose that at the moment, they consider that this provides sufficient security," said Zaritsa Dinkova - Minister of Tourism.

She pointed out that a serious hybrid campaign is being waged against our country, which is hitting Bulgarian businesses and Bulgaria as a tourist destination.

Until the end of the year, the Ministry of Tourism will defend the decision to keep the reduced rate of 9% VAT for the industry. Zaritsa Dinkova will insist that the reduced VAT will remain in force next year as well.

"Our motive is that many of our competitors have such reliefs, and if we want to assert the competitiveness of our tourism, especially when we face such a massive hybrid attack, we must have comfort," she pointed out.

For next year, the department plans to protect the decision for a higher budget for tourism by emphasizing innovative advertising.

Work is also being done to solve the problem of the shortage of personnel in tourism and the visa problems faced by seasonal workers in our country who come from abroad.

/Bulgarian National Television

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