In the Summer: Flights from Sofia to Thessaloniki, Zadar, Tirana and 80 other Destinations


During the summer, travelers through Sofia Airport will be able to choose from over 80 new and well-known destinations - transfer flights to neighboring countries, tourist cities in Europe and exotic vacation spots, said the airport operator SOF Connect

For the first time, flights will be operated from Sofia to Zadar, Croatia by Ryanair. They are scheduled for May 1 - twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Gullivair will operate regular flights to Skopje, Tirana and Thessaloniki. The first flight to Skopje was on March 26th, and the one to Tirana is scheduled for April 2nd. Flights to Thessaloniki will be three times a week - Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and start on June 17.

Czech Airlines is also resuming flights on the Sofia-Prague route, which it has not flown since 2012. It will be three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 3 May. And Italian Airlines (ITA) will again fly to Rome (Fiumicino) every day of the week except Thursday, May 1.

During the summer season, Ryanair starts flights to Varna twice a week from May 1, and Gullivair resumes its flights to Burgas from April 10. The national airline Bulgaria Air also operates flights to both cities.

Charter flights to the popular destinations of the winter schedule Cairo and Hurghada in Egypt, La Romana in the Dominican Republic continue, the airport informs.


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