Ten Beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast Offer Free Umbrellas and Sunbeds

Ten beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast this summer offer free umbrellas and sunbeds, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism.

Some of them are given on concession, and others - for rent, Monitor reports. The agreement with the concessionaires and tenants, as last summer, envisages the state to completely simplify the fees they pay to the state, and in return to offer the shade and other amenities completely free of charge. For the rest, the rule is that the owners can choose by what percentage to reduce their payments to the state, but they must reduce prices by the appropriate percentage.

With free shade are the beaches Varna - Bunite, Bourgas - north and center, Obzop-motel, Primorsko - central, camping "Nestinarka", Aheloy, Atanacovska kosa, Tsarevo on the center.

Many of the other beaches have announced prices without discounts. But negotiation procedures with the state are still ongoing and it is possible that they will also reduce prices from July.

However, this does not apply to Sunny Beach, where last summer the price for a set of two umbrellas and a deck chair was reduced to BGN 12, but this summer it is BGN 15. Prices in the area are also not low. On St. Vlas, on the central beach the umbrella is 10 BGN, and the deck chair - 8.

On the beach in Ravda the price is BGN 8 for an umbrella and a deck chair. In Pomorie, the prices are around BGN 5 for both an umbrella and a deck chair. There are other beaches with relatively high prices. The price for the "Golden Fish" is BGN 10, and for a deck chair you pay another 10. On the beach "Lozenets" the prices are the same. Ha "St. Constantine and Helena" will cost between 4 and 5 levs. Beach "Albena" keeps the prices from last year, or BGN 1 for an umbrella and a deck chair.

On the southernmost beaches the prices are different. On Silistar, for example, the umbrella and the deck chair are BGN 5 each. On the beach of Butamyata the prices are BGN 5.50 each.

In the region of Tsarevo the prices also differ. If on the central and Popski beach the umbrellas and sunbeds are free, on Arapya they are BGN 3.50 each. In Lozenets only on the central beach the prices are BGN 10 each, otherwise at the "Oasis" campsite the prices are BGN 6 and the small beach of Lozenets - 2 leva each.

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