This year Trips From and To Bulgaria are Increasing compared to July 2022


In July, Bulgarians embarked on 820.5 thousand trips abroad, marking a 12.1% increase compared to July 2022, according to data from the National Statistical Institute.

The most frequented destinations for Bulgarian travelers included Turkey with 220.9 thousand trips, Greece with 216.4 thousand, Romania with 60.4 thousand, Germany with 54.4 thousand, Serbia with 46.6 thousand, Italy with 28.1 thousand, Austria with 23.0 thousand, Spain with 21.7 thousand, France with 21.4 thousand, and the United Kingdom with 17.3 thousand.

The majority of these trips were taken for leisure and sightseeing purposes, accounting for 44.8% of the total, followed by trips for various other reasons such as visiting, studying, or attending cultural and sports events, which comprised 38.6%. Business-related trips accounted for 16.6% of the total.

In contrast, foreign visitors to Bulgaria in July 2023 numbered 1.8 million, marking a substantial increase of 19.7% compared to July 2022. Notably, transit crossings through Bulgaria constituted 35.9% (658.3 thousand) of all visits by foreign citizens to the country.

The top countries of origin for foreign visitors to Bulgaria included Turkey with 266.4 thousand visits, Romania with 224.9 thousand, Ukraine with 214.6 thousand, Germany with 180.0 thousand, Poland with 96.6 thousand, Serbia with 75.6 thousand, Greece with 72.5 thousand, the Czech Republic with 60.6 thousand, the United Kingdom with 59.8 thousand, and France with 41.5 thousand.

The primary purpose of these visits was leisure and tourism, accounting for 50.3%, followed by visits for various other purposes at 43.9%, with business-related visits making up 5.8% of the total.

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