The US Considers Inclusion of Four Countries, Including Bulgaria, in the Visa-Free Travel Program


US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said the United States was considering adding four countries to its visa-free travel program for up to 90 days, Reuters reported.

We have four candidate countries in mind: Israel, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania, Mallorca said yesterday at a forum in the tourism industry.

We are very focused on this program, said the Minister and stressed that it offers significant benefits for the economy and security.

In September, the United States included Croatia in the program, said Roger Dow, chief executive of the American Tourism Association. He pointed out that Croatia brings $ 100 million to the US economy. Every time we add one of these countries, the tourism business experiences a boom, Dow added.

In February, Mallorca spoke with the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs and the two expressed a lasting interest in maintaining the EU-US agreement on the so-called passenger reservation data and to work with Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania to achieve the criteria for inclusion in the visa-free travel program in the United States.

To participate in the US program, a country must meet requirements related to the fight against terrorism, law enforcement, immigration law enforcement, document security and border management. 40 countries are currently participating in the program.


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